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We hope you're weathering this COVID-19 storm as best as you can.  

If you're like us, your clients will be asking for insights on what peers, competitors and the wider business community are doing with their marketing spend right now.

To get the best data possible we've set up this survey (launched 19th March 2020).  

It will conclude on the 25th and we'll send you the results on the 26th, including a percentage breakdown.

It simply asks how many of your clients are, in response to COVID-19:

1.    Spending more on marketing
2.   Spending the same on marketing
3.   Spending less on marketing
4.   Pausing all marketing spend

We will also ask you to include industries (but this is optional).

I hope you can find 3 minutes to participate and help us all get some real-time data on clients' spending decisions in different industries during this economic shock.

Dear fellow agency owners,

Dear fellow 

agency owners,


In solidarity,

The Fountain Partnership team